Oak(!) because…


A very old hollow oak of the species Quercus aucheri from Izmir region.


Turkey has a very rich fauna and flora. For instance there are at least 18 species of Oaks. They can be found in many situations, from sea level, up to an altitude of 2000m and from south to north part of the country. The species are adopted to different climatic and geological situations. Two of the Oaks species are endemic to Turkey. Quercus aucheri only exist in the south west part of the country in dry and hilly places. Often the trees are small and are a part of the typical maccia vegetation found in the costal areas of the Mediterranean region but in some places you can find larger trees. Quercus aucheri have dark green, small and leather like leaves with a strong pubescens making them look grey in distance.


The leaves and acorns of Quercus aucheri.